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How do you determine arrow length?

STANDARD OF MEASUREMENT` The standard AMO Method of measuring an arrow is the distance between the bottom of the groove of the nock (where the string rests in the nock) to the end of the arrow, not including the tip or insert. We measure and trim all arrows to length using this standard AMO (now the ATA) method. Be advised that some archery retailers may be unaware of industry AMO standards and may confuse the AMO length of the arrow with the arrow's shaft length or the arrow's tip-to-tip physical length, which will both be different than the AMO measurement. So don't trust anyone else's declared measurement of your arrows.

If you are buying replacements for your existing arrows, be sure to MEASURE FOR YOURSELF before ordering custom carbon arrows. Once an arrow is cut, the process can't be undone. So as in carpentry, the measure twice and cut once philosophy must be observed. If you already have existing arrows which fit your bow correctly, simply measure one by this method and order the same size. If you are unsure about what arrow length is appropriate for your bow setup, the next section may help.

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How do you tell what length arrows you need?
1. Arrow is too short for this archer's draw length.
2. Arrows should be at least 1.5" - 2" beyond the back of the riser at full draw.
3. Use an arrow shaft that is 2 to 3 inches longer than your reach.
4. Holding at full draw.
5. Marking your arrow.
6. Measuring for arrow length.
7. Adding 1" to measurement.
8. Compound bow anchor position.
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What length arrow should I shoot?
It will depend on your draw length. Take your setup to an archery shop and they can help you. If you do not have a shop close by and are ordering the arrows yourself do as explained above by micropterus and draw your bow, have a friend measure from the string to the rest, then add 1/2 inch to the measurement.
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