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5 Archery Bow Clicker FAQs

What is a clicker in archery?
Here's what I found out. A clicker is generally only used on a recurve bow and lets the archer know he has drawn the bow back to the correct draw length or to full draw. It gives an audible "click" and only on the sound of the clicker will the archer release the arrow.
What is a clicker - Abbey Archery

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What does a clicker do on a recurve bow?
Just some more information with a slight variation. A clicker is a piece of archery equipment used on a recurve bow and gives an audible "click" when the arrow point is drawn through the clicker. The archer trains to use this “click” as the signal to shoot the arrow. New and intermediate experienced archers do not use the clicker as they develop the basis skills but as the archer develops and becomes more consistent and wants to achieve any sort of success in recurve archery the clicker is a must use device.

How to install a clicker on a recurve bow?
This advise came from a archer posting on Reddit. "What I did with my arrows is I measured where I constantly drew, and I made sure that point would lie in between the clicker plate ends so I could have some room for error. This way is great because the clicker is adjustable, and I can fine tune it if it's off by a couple millimeters. It works great.
I advise getting our arrows cut by someone who is experienced. It's really easy to mess it up." Good advise.

How to fit a clicker to a recurve bow?

DIY bow clicker.

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