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5 Archery Bracer FAQs

What is an archery bracer?
A bracer (or arm-guard) is a strap or sheath, commonly made of leather, stone, or plastic that covers the inside of an archer's arm to protect it while shooting. Bracers protect the inside of the archer's forearm against injury by the string of the bow or the fletching of the arrow.

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Why do archers wear arm guards?
Archers wear a guard on the arm holding the bow, to protect it from the string when they shoot, and a finger tab, which is a soft leather pouch that protects their fingers. Some people also wear chest guards to keep clothing out of the way.
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Why do archers wear bracers?
Bracers protect the inside of the archer's forearm against injury by the string of the bow or the fletching of the arrow. They also prevent loose clothing from catching the bow string.
Bracer - Wikipedia

Is an arm guard necessary for archery?
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"A full length arm guard is a good idea for all beginner archers. You will wear it on your bow arm and it should cover the area above and below your elbow. They are designed to keep sleeves out of the way, protect your skin, and provide a flat surface for the string if it grazes your arm during the shot.

Once you learn to rotate your bow arm elbow to a more vertical position and out of the path of the bowstring, you can then switch to a small arm guard that just covers the forearm of the bow arm.

The technique of rotating your bow arm elbow is easy to learn, though it may take some practice. Begin by putting your hand on a door frame, on a wall or table to hold your wrist steady. Then, using your arm muscles, practice rotating your elbow so that the crease faces inward instead of up at the ceiling. Once you learn to rotate your elbow out of the path of the bowstring, it means your form is improving. This gives the added benefit of placing your bow shoulder into a more stable shooting position.

If you are a beginning archer and can shoot easily without an arm guard, there is a good chance your shoulders may be out of alignment. This will force your muscles to do more work than they need to. When the force of the draw is lined up along your bones, your muscles will have to do less work. Getting into better shooting alignment will increase your consistency and help prevent injury. However, this also means that your bow arm is more in line with the string, and even the best archers with a vertical elbow may feel the string brush their skin if they don’t have their arm guard on. This is why you will see elite archers wearing arm guards." ...
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