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Can archery improve eyesight?

Disclaimer: Nothing in this article should be taken as medical advice. You should consult with your optometrist to make sure vision exercises won't impact your eyes.

Although there hasn’t been official research into the impact archery has on your eyes, the mere act of shooting contains several of the exercises that are generally prescribed to help improve vision.

Below are excerpts from a fantastic article written on the subject by

"The short answer is yes, it can, and the practice offers many benefits to eyesight as it incorporates elements of some of the most commonly prescribed exercises that improve vision. The nature of aiming, and the different ways you are forced to use your eyes in order to shoot requires them to adapt and improve in the same way lifting weights will cause your body to build muscle"

"you can improve your eyesight simply by watching the arrows shot by others in their paths to the target"

"Another valuable exercise that archery provides is called fixation, which refers to a person’s ability to focus their eyes on a single point, such as a target in the distance. Not only does fixation improve eyesight, it also benefits mental focus."

"the most beneficial of all the different ways archery can make our eyesight better, as well as the most well known eye exercise in general, is the successive focusing of the eyes on two points of different distances. This happens in archery when we look at the target, then at the sight, then back at the target, etc. This forces the muscles responsible for focusing vision to quickly readjust, thereby strengthening them and improving the speed we can focus on points at varying distances. Doctors will often recommend this type of exercise for improving eyesight, usually simply by focusing on your finger, or a similarly close-up object, and then focusing on something in the distance."

Article Credit: Combat Australia

Video Credit: Chris Sajnog, Title: Fix your Eyes, Fix your Focus, Shoot and Aim Easier with Two Simple Eye Exercises
Check him out at https://youtu.be/pnsxnIQsgKg

I also found another great article on archery and improving eyesight over at ArcheryBoss by Mark Jeffreys. See excerpts below.

Improve Your Eyesight with Archery

"Although there hasn’t been official research into the impact archery has on your eyes, the mere act of shooting contains several of the exercises that are generally prescribed to help improve vision. The way that you use your eyes in archery mimics some of the exercises that doctors assign as eye-strengthening exercises. There are some things that you can do at the range that can help your eyes when you aren’t shooting. The key is to get your eyes moving and focus on different types of eye movements and focusing at different distances."

Exercises to Improve Eyesight

"saccadic eye exercises can improve response time and accuracy (saccadic eye movements are quick, jumpy movements of the eye in one direction). In general, eye exercises are thought to not only affect the eyes but the areas of the brain responsible for your vision." While at the archery range, here are some things that you can do to exercise your eyes."

 "practice focusing at different differences. This one is straightforward to do when you’re performing your archery cycle, changing your focus between your sight and the target. The key is to focus on a small, specific area, then change where your eyes are focusing and repeat the process"
"You can also practice following an arrow without moving your head. This one has to be done when you aren’t shooting as you need to track the horizontal movement of the arrow with your eyes. Stand as close to the side as you can and look toward the middle of the range. Use your eyes to at the archer, wait for them to fire, then track the arrow as it flies towards the target."

"One that is supposed to be especially useful for those with astigmatism is to increase your area of focus. The concept is to look at an object, bring it into focus, then try to bring as much of the surrounding area into focus without allowing the subject to go out of focus. This should be practiced with objects close and far away to get the best results"

"stretch your eyes by looking as far as you can towards your perimeter. Keep your head still and look up using only your eyes. Start moving your eyes clockwise keeping your eyes focusing as far to the edge as possible. Don’t allow yourself to get distracted by what you see so that you move your eyes from your eye's limits. After you do several circles, repeat the process this time going counter-clockwise"

Article Credit: ArcheryBoss

Video Credit: Peter Charles, Title: Fitness Fridays - Pencil Push-Ups
Check him out at https://youtu.be/mGLURhRy3xk

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