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10 Archery Tag FAQs (Combat Archery)

What is archery tag?
Combat Archery is also known as Archery Tag due to the company called Archery Tag which supplies equipment for the sport. Due to trademark reasons, other companies apart from Archery Tag have rebranded this sport as Arrow Tag and Archery Dodgeball and provide the service under these various titles.

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What are the archery tag rules?

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Is archery tag safe?
Apparently it's less painful than paintball. From what I've read this sport seems to be very safe if you wear the right clothing and protective equipment. I'm sure that there will be times that an arrow is going to leave a mark.

Does archery tag hurt?
Only mildy. It's kind of like getting a dense marshmallow thrown at you. The arrow tips or points are  made of a huge marshmallow-shaped foam material.

Archery Tag Arrow Tip

Is archery tag difficult?
Everyones pain tolerance is different, but the arrows are no more painful than being hit with a dodgeball. Archery tag is safe and isn't meant to harm anyone. It's a lot of fun.

Is archery tag safe way to get in shape?
Archery Tag is the best exercise because it doesn't feel like exercise when you play. You get so consumed in the game that you don't realize that you're extensively running around to chase players and get a good shot, pick up arrows to re-load, run after the flag to get a point,.
Looking for the Best Exercise? Try Archery Tag - AirballingLA.com

How does archery tag work?
The object of Archery Tag is to eliminate all the players on the opposing team using your foam-tipped arrows. Or you can knock out all of the centers of their five-spot target. When a player gets tagged by the Archery Tag arrow, they must leave the field immediately.
How to Play Archery Tag - YouTube

What do you wear to an archery tag?
Participants are recommended to wear comfortable clothing during gameplay, such as t-shirts, shorts, or workout attire. A pair of clean indoor shoes are required to enter the Arena. Players must use the bows and arrows provided by T.A.G.
The Archery Game — Combat Archery FAQ

How much does it cost to play archery tag?
Unlike some other sports, the only safety equipment required to play Archery Tag® is a facemask. Players experience virtually no pain when “hit” with our Archery Tag® arrows. ArcheryTag games last 15 Minutes. The cost is $10.00 per archer per game.
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Is archery tag good exercise?
Archery is widely known as being a therapeutic sport because of its calm, focused nature. However, combat archery tag (or archery dodgeball) is a much more active version of archery, which still encompasses many of the same benefits, along with a few more of its own. The following are just some of the perks or skills you get out of playing combat archery tag here at Archers Arena.

1. Exercise
Combat archery tag is known as a workout; you will be leaving sweaty and satisfied.

2. Upper Body Strength
The constant, repetitive motions of drawing and firing a bow activates the major core muscle groups in the upper body.

3. Agility
Your reflexes and quick moves will be put to the test while playing archery dodgeball, allowing for constant improvement.

4. Instincts
At Archers Arena we encourage instinctive archery, which means less thinking and more feeling for more accurate results. Having a clear mind really does improve and sharpen your skills.

5. Balance
To successfully hit stationary targets, stillness is key, therefore control of your body is essential, and that develops one's balance.

Source: archersarena.com

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