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11 Archery Form and Technique FAQs

Archery form and technique, it's time for standing "shoulder width apart". It means to stand with a little gap between your two feet and each foot should be straight below the outer side of your shoulders. Now you are ready for shooting your target. Well not yet. ...

1) Should your arm be straight when shooting a bow?

A straight arm is better.

Several of the top shooters used to shoot with a bent arm and now I see them shooting better than ever with a straight arm. Check out archeryTV on you tube, there are videos of the top shooters in the world going head to head. All of them have straight arms, and very few of them have locked elbows.

A bent arm requires more muscle and muscle fatigue. You are just going to be more consistent with a straight arm.

2) What is the correct position for your bow arm when shooting?

See above answer.

3) What is the proper archery form while shooting a recurve bow?

- Stay centered by not leaning back or forwards,
- Keep back straight,
- Legs relaxed but not bent,
- Weight evenly distributed,
- Feet should be shoulder width apart,
- Relax.

Open stance,
Square stance,
Closed stance.

4) What is the proper archery bow grip?

The best way to form a proper bow grip technique is simple; hold out your grip hand and make a 'V' between your thumb and index finger. Your knuckles should be pointed outward approximately 25-45 degrees. Draw an imaginary line from the deepest part of the V down through the palm.

5) Is there proper back tension for archery form?

You don’t need big biceps, strong quads or six-pack abs to be a great archer. In fact, archers don’t rely on the same muscles used by most athletes.

The main muscle group we use is our back muscles. It might sound like a reason to visit your chiropractor, but back tension is in fact the act of using back muscles during your shot and it’s beneficial to your shooting. Credit: Archery360

6) Is archery elbow rotation a big deal?

Keep the elbow as vertical as comfortable (or, don't worry about it at all), the key to the bow shoulder, is starting with both relaxed (they stay low this way, but not too low) and thinking "Tension free", making sure you have full extension with the bow arm as you commence draw, but relaxed, as this seems to let the bones do the work and not the muscles when coming to full draw and helps you set and keep your back tension. Then, remember to follow through as the shot goes off (with bow arm remaining where it is, and letting release do what it wants without hinder (release with the forearm tendons, not the fingers) until the arrow hits the target. DON'T drop your bow arm though the shot or before the arrow hits the target, ever. Credit: ArcheryTalk

Archery | Bent or Straight Bow Arm?

7) What's the best elbow positioning while shooting my bow?

See above answer.

8) Is traditional archery form different from other types of archery?

Check out the resources below for more information on the subject matter.

Traditional Archery Vs Modern Recurve - Shazhakim Shazarul - Atavist
Differences between Traditional Archery and Modern Recurve. ... In general, traditional bows are made from natural materials such as wood, bamboo and the kind. ... also have a mixture of both, or just modern material but in the traditional shape. ... Other discipline will lack one or two parts, which makes traditional archery ...

Traditional Archery vs Compound Archery - Wide Open Spaces
Traditional archery vs compound bows has been an ongoing battle for quite a while, but which is better for competitions, and which is better for hunting?

9) What are some archery aiming tips?

Let's leave this one up to the experts.

How to Aim a Bow and Arrow | The Complete Guide to Archery
When you're aiming, you've got two main options: aim using a bow sight, or do some instinctive .... The difference in aiming technique is pretty significant.

Traditional archery aiming techniques - Lancaster Archery Supply ...
Oct 16, 2017 - But his arrow tip is always on the aiming spot. ... TradTech brings home the Hardware at 2018 World Archery Field Championships · What's the difference between a target bow and a hunting bow?

How to Aim in Traditional Archery

10) Why is the focus so important in archery?

The ability to concentrate and focus in archery often makes the difference between excellence and average performance.

Archery Tips #6: (For Beginners) - How To Focus

11) Why the Proper stance is important in Archery?

Your stance is your foundation. Knowing from practice where to place your feet is critical in lining up the rest of your body for that shot. Check out the sources I've linked to below for much more information on the subject.

Your Archery Stance Is The Vital First Step To Basic Archery
The square stance means your feet are parallel to the shooting line. Stand up straight and rotate your chin over the shoulder (or as close as possible) of your bow arm/hand (the arm that holds the bow). Rotate your hips so they are tucked or rolled under your upper body so as to flatten your lower back. ...

Proper Archery Posture Yields Consistent Shooting - Archery 360
Foot position provides the foundation of proper shooting posture. You can try a few variations, but all require the archer's feet to be roughly shoulder-width apart with knees slightly bent. ... A closed stance slightly staggers the archer's feet, with the front foot ahead of the rear and the hips closed to the target. ...

Stance and Posture - Ace Archers
Lean forward by moving the nose about 1” to move 70% of the body weight onto the balls of the feet. Archers must keep a good stance throughout the NTS Shot ...

Archery Form - Stance, Grip, Shot Execution - Shootingtime.com
Learn how to use proper archery form from our detailed articles which include ... It is important because when an archer assumes the wrong stance, he or she is ...

Archery | Stance

12) What is perfect archery arm exercises?

It's true Archery helps you enhance concentration. It also builds mental toughness and coordination between hand & eye. All of these attributes makes you a perfect archer. Now, to have a strong archery arm exercises are important. Some of the basic arm exercises are given below.


To shoot a longer target and to increase your draw weight you should try this exercise.


To keep your shoulders strong and healthy this exercise is necessary. It can help to stabilize your bow by increasing shoulder strength.


To get more accuracy and easier shooting this exercise will help you a lot. You will learn it from any archery lessons. It's good for your stance


To improve core stability, endurance and strength for archery Forearm plank are very good. It is good exercise for your muscles strength.

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