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12 Archery For Kids FAQs

The last few years have seen archery explode as a popular sport among the young generation. Thanks to blockbusters like “The Hunger Games”, “Brave”, “Avengers”, and “Arrow”, archery clubs are beginning to crop up around the country with a focus on kids who enjoy independent activities. Archery is an exciting sport that has proven to be the ideal pastime for many kids. If you didn’t know much about the sport, the following are essential FAQS about archery for kids.

Teaching kids Archery in 4 QUICK and EASY steps

1) Is archery a safe sport for kids?
Archery is one of the lowest risk-factor sports that your child can take up. It is low impact and safer than most sports offered in school. The equipment used in archery is also matched to the skill of the user as they progressively improve so you can be sure it will be easy and safe for your kid. This sport usually puts safety first, with various safety gear that will keep your child far from harm. Furthermore, the most critical element of an archery shooting range is safety; your kid will be learning about personal safety and safety for one another.

2) What is the best age to get my child active in archery?
If you have more than one child, it can prove a daunting task to find a sport that they can comfortably take up. The best part about archery is that it’s open to children of all ages. While many sports would normally have limits as far as age, size, or shape of the kid is concerned; archery has no initial requirements. I suggest the best time to enroll your kid in active archery lessons is when they are most curious and eager to discover new stuff. The age of around 10 would be a great time.

3) Can my child participate in archery year-round?
Archery is a completely weather-proof sport that can be played in both indoor and outdoor settings. Normally, archers use indoor facilities during the cold winter months and head outdoors in summer, spring, and fall. It is even adaptable for people that may be suffering from a disability, commonly referred to as para-archers. Considering how flexible the sport is, you can look forward to your child taking part in archery all year round if need be; come rain or shine.

4) Are there any scholarships for archery?
Qualifying for college is not a guarantee, and even when your kid aces his or her exams, there is always the fee headache to deal with. Sports scholarships are a great way to get into college with no future worries. Fortunately, there are scholarships awarded to archers. In fact, the National Archery in School Program dished out scholarships to around 11,000 students in 2014. You can also find foundations that award scholarship funds to promising archers. Whether your child gets a cash award or a college scholarship at a tournament, archery can play a crucial role in achieving long-term goals.

5) I want my kids to interact with other people. Is archery a good social sport?
Archery is the kind of sport that fosters interaction between participants. It comfortably accommodates individuals of all ages and backgrounds, and you will easily find a middle-aged man shooting alongside a kid in an archery range while handing out essential advice. Additionally, competing in team events in a tournament teaches important lessons on respect, teamwork, and sportsmanship. Participants have to work together to not only win but also have the most fun.

6) Will archery help my kids better their behavior?
The kind of activities that a child takes part in while outside the classroom will go a long way to influence the way he behaves inside the classroom. Archery is a great way of improving children behavior. It teaches kids to adhere to rules of the sport and also dictates that they should be focused, patient, and persistent. All this mix of good qualities that a child acquires from participating in archery allows them to develop as a person and significantly eliminate behavioral problems.

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7) Can archery help improve my child's focus and self-discipline?
One of the main fundamentals of archery is learning a step-by-step technique of drawing a bow and shooting an arrow accurately. The only way to learn quickly is by slowing things down. And when mistakes are made, archers are taught to analyze every step they took to find a solution. This can gradually sharpen your mind and enhance your mental acuity. Archery, in general, provides a young mind with the opportunity to develop mental acuity through concentration and understanding. The fact that kids have to focus on one thing at a time and eventually their performance allows them to learn to handle unnecessary emotions and distractions so as to shoot better. This is the perfect way of improving your kid’s self-discipline.

8) Will archery improved my child's physical health?
Archery is a sport that involves a lot of body movements. An archer has to stretch while drawing the bow and pulling back the arrow string, something that also requires strength and effort. This builds the chest, core, shoulder and back muscles. We can’t forget the fact that the sport is done standing up and over time, it becomes extremely beneficial for posture. Besides, participants in a tournament have to trek back and forth up to 5 miles of course distance on average while absorbing a nice dose of Vitamin D from the sun.

9) Will archery help my child with balance and coordination?
Drawing a bow builds the core and ends up enhancing an archer’s stability and balance. This, in turn, improves posture, hand-eye coordination, and the possibility of hitting the target. Target shooting is all about control. Your whole body has to be in sync because the slightest unwarranted movement can make a huge difference. You, therefore, have to learn how to coordinate various aspects of your body and most importantly, hand-eye movements.

10) Does archery help in goal setting?
The key in archery is hitting the target. This sport offers a great goal-setting environment. You have to start with the simple and nearest targets and move on to more complicated targets that are farther off. It is through setting personal goals for every subsequent practice session that you get to gradually and progressively improve your technique.

11) Does archery fire my child's sense of accomplishment?
An individual sport like archery provides a not-so-outgoing kid with the rare chance to shine among his peers. Remember that archery requires continuous practice to improve your shot and the persistence is what will transform you into an accomplished archer. Winning prizes at a tournament can have a very positive impact on a kid and give him the incentive to want to win more. The feeling is the same when your child keeps hitting the target farther and farther.

12) Is archery a good sport to build confidence and self-awareness for my child?
Interacting with other archers during practice sessions and hitting the target at the archery range can have a positive impact on your self-confidence. It is always a morale booster when you find something you can be better at than your peers. Also, archery exposes the various weaknesses in your technique while offering a constructive path to improvement. This can enhance personal awareness because you have to learn what your flaws are and suppress them while making the most of your strengths while shooting.

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