What is a Fletching Jig (tool)?

5 Archery Shortbow FAQs

What is a Shortbow?

Similar to a longbow, a shortbow is technically a smaller version of a longbows. ... They work analogously to a longbow, but they do offer different benefits.

How long is a shortbow?
These bows are typically shorter than 5 feet with the majority of them falling under the 3 feet long range.

How much does a shortbow weight?
The average shortbow weighs 2 lbs.

What materials are used to make a shortbow?
The traditional English longbow was usually made of yew wood, but other woods are also used.

What is my draw length shooting a shortbow?
A shortbow has a smaller draw length allowing an archer to draw to a shorter distance from somewhere between your elbow and your shoulder.

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Longbow Shortbow Comparison

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