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7 Archery Scoring Related FAQs

What does an archery scoring sheet look like?

What is a good score for archery?

All archers will start the tournament by shooting a round of 72 arrows. A perfect score for that round is 720. In the men's division, Im Dong-hyun of South Korea holds the Olympic record with a score of 699.
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How much is a bullseye worth in archery?

An inner bullseye (sometimes referred to as a "double bullseye" in amateur play) is a smaller, inner circle and counts for 50 points while an outer bull is worth 25 points. Two treble 20s when combined with an inner bullseye is worth 170 points in darts which is the highest possible checkout.
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How many points do you score if you hit the black ring in archery?

The black ring is worth 2 points. The target itself varies in size –those used in Olympic archery events measure 122cm in diameter – but all contain 10 concentric rings which represent the different scoring sectors. The outermost two rings (called one ring and two ring) are white, three and four are black, five and six are blue, seven and eight are red and nine and ten – the innermost rings – are gold. Ten ring also has an inner ring (known as “inner 10” or “X ring”) which is sometimes used to decide ties.

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How do you score an archery tournament?

Competition is divided into ends. An archer shoots either 3 or 6 arrows per end, depending on the type of round. After each end, the competitors walk to the target to score and retrieve their arrows. An indoor competition is usually 20 ends of 3 arrows.
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How is archery scored? How do you score points in archery?

Scoring in archery is very simple: you just add up the number of points based on where your arrows hit the target. The highest score for a single arrow is 10 for hitting the inner gold ring, while the least (for hitting the outer white ring) is one point.
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What is a 300 round in archery?
The 300 Round is a short-distance, short-duration competition that can be done quickly, in about one hour. It is usually shot at 18 meters (20 yards). It consists of thirty arrows, each worth a maximum of ten points.
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