What is a Fletching Jig (tool)?

3 Archery Gloves (Tabs) FAQs

Why do archers wear gloves?

Mainly for grip. A glove will help with accuracy and will give you comfort throughout your session. Some archer's find the a glove can be to restrictive and prefer using finger tabs instead. Read below for the pros and cons of both.

What is the difference between Shooting Glove and Finger Tab?

Pros and Cons of Using Archery Gloves

I find that gloves hinder my feeling the bow string when shooting. Sometimes your fingers don’t always release the bowstring accurately. Gloves can compound this problem of an inaccurate release by taking away the touch the fingers would give otherwise to the bowstring.

Gloves are definitely beneficial in saving your fingers from pain and possible nerve damage. Gloves are also designed with mechanical devices that improve the accuracy of a shot.

Pros and Cons of Finger Tabs

Finger tabs leave your fingertips exposed. Your fingertips can get raw and start hurting after many bow shots. I know that when hunting the finger tab gets in my way when I use a binocular with one hand. Also the tabs move around on my hand making it awkward to do things while hunting.

Advantages for the finger tab are they are cheaper to buy than gloves are. The tabs don’t wear out and leave grooves in them like the gloves leave after much wear. I can shoot more accurately with tabs than gloves. Also the tabs are more sensitive to the bowstrings than the gloves are.

Credit: DeadBullsEye

Video Credit: NUSensei, Title: Archery | Tab or Glove?
Check him out at https://youtu.be/wDqZAl5GIFg

Why Do Some Archers Shoot With A Tab Not A Glove?

The main reason is comfort. Try both to see how they preform and feel.

Why are tabs more popular than gloves?

"You get a much cleaner release with a tab then you will with a glove, especially for shooting 3 under. Once its trimmed up to size, a tab is pretty much good to go and will be for a long time. Replacing the leather face is easy when you need to, you can modify the thickness, and you can flip them over to the back of your hand between ends so you've got full use of your fingers.

Gloves tend to go from not broken in, to perfect, to clapped out with that 'perfect' phase being really short lived.

Tabs don't have to encase and conform to the fingers, so they can provide a smoother surface, thicker protection, and it's easier to find a good fit.

The glove can start to hurt the ring finger, after switching to a tab your finger will feel better. Cheaper gloves seem to cause the problem."

Credit: Reddit Archery

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