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Are carbon arrows better than aluminum?

"In the recent past, the standard in the industry and out in the field had been to shoot aluminum arrows for hunting purposes. Now, its carbon arrows as the prohibitive favorite among bow hunters."

"Aluminum arrows have been around for decades, since the late 30’s, early 40’s when James Easton created the first aluminum arrow shaft. There are upsides to using aluminum arrows such as aluminum arrows have been tried and tested for years. Aluminum arrows also offer more of a size selection usually at a cheaper price than carbon, which is what makes them a popular choice. When it comes to shooting at targets because aluminum arrows are usually bigger around they are a whole lot easier to pull from the targets."

"There are some downsides to aluminum however. The biggest issue with aluminum arrows is that they bend very easily and are less durable than carbon. Over the last few years the prices while still lower than carbon in most cases are going up and are expected to become pretty close if not match in price."

"Carbon shafts and their advantages over aluminum are that it takes less time to recover from the archer's paradox and therefore means that it has the entire shaft directly behind the arrow point quicker which translates into better penetration of the game and provides flatter trajectory downrange. The most common argument that has been going on for the past 10 to 15 years is it fact or fiction that the thinner diameter shafts will penetrate better than the larger diameter shafts when a broadhead has created a larger hole ahead of the shaft."

"It’s just my opinion that I get better penetration from carbon arrows than I do with aluminum arrows from the same poundage bow. I really have no concern one way or another why, if the end result provides me better penetration. One more clear advantage recognized by hunters and industry geeks is with a smaller diameter shaft wind will affect the arrow much less than thicker diameter arrows."

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Video Credit: Average Jack Archery, Title: Aluminum or Carbon Arrows?
Check him out at https://youtu.be/T5LBF0gMx5U

What is the best material for arrows?
In fact, the most popular arrow material is carbon because it is durable and accurate – two highly desirable traits in a hunting arrow. Hunters also appreciate that carbon arrows are available in a variety of price points. Aluminum is a vintage arrow material that is affordable and accurate.
How to Choose the Best Arrow for Bowhunting Success ...

Video Credit: Average Jack Archery, Title: Cheap vs. Expensive Arrows
Check him out at https://youtu.be/rAy_nrq-Bq8

What are carbon arrows made of?
Traditional arrow shafts are made from strong, lightweight wood, bamboo or reeds, while modern shafts may be made from aluminum, carbon fiber reinforced plastic, or a combination of materials. Such shafts are typically made from an aluminum core wrapped with a carbon fiber outer.
Arrow - Wikipedia

What are arrows made of?
An arrow usually consists of a shaft with an arrowhead attached to the front end, with fletchings and a nock at the other. Modern arrows are usually made from carbon fibre, aluminum, fiberglass, and wood shafts.
Bow and arrow - Wikipedia

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