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What are the most common archery injuries?

The most common injuries in archery - Fit to play
In archery, injuries to the upper body are most common.

The drawing arm is particularly vulnerable to overuse injuries. This can be caused by training too much, often combined with not enough rest and recovery time. Shoulder, finger and hand injuries are also frequently reported.

In the shoulder, the rotator cuff muscles are most susceptible to injury. Together, these four muscles stabilize the shoulder joint and shoulder blade. When the arm is held above the head or behind the back impingement may result. Repetitive activity in this position can lead to irritation of these muscles, causing pain.

An archer´s neck, chest and back are also vulnerable to injuries and pain. [...]

Archery | Injuries and Overbowing

What are the most common injuries associated with archery? - Quora
There are several common injuries in archery, especially recreational archery when one is learning form for shooting and how to use protective gear. The most common, as Todd Gardiner says, is hitting the inside of the bow arm at the elbow and forearm with the string. [...]

3 Common Archery Injuries and Prevention Tips – TheCrossbowStore ...
Rotator Cuff Injuries
The shoulder is considered to be one of the most complex joints of the human body. It is complex array of tendons, muscles, and bone, all mixed together to give our arms a serious range of motion. This joint however is prone to injury, especially repetitive motion injuries.

Each time we draw our bow we are putting stress on this joint. Over time, and as our bodies weaken, our shoulders can become inflamed and at risk of being pulled. These conditions lead to rotator cuff injuries. Usually a rotator cuff injury requires time and rest to heal. In severe cases surgery may be necessary. Shoulder injuries are common archery injuries.

Tendinitis is caused by repetitive strain or an unusual strain. Over time archers continual stress on the wrist, elbow, and shoulder can lead to tendinitis in these areas. Once again, this is the type of injury that will generally develop in more aged archers. Normally tendinitis takes several weeks of rest to heal.

Muscle Strains
The final most common type of archery injury is a muscle strain. Just as the name implies, in this type of injury a muscle is pushed beyond its limits and eventually tears slightly. Many times this can be caused by shooting a new and unfamiliar bow, or an increase in poundage. Muscle strains can lay up an archer for a few weeks, or several months depending on the severity. [...]

Archery Stretches and Flexibility Exercises - Stretch Coach
Injury Prevention Strategies
The use of proper equipment and an overall conditioning program to prepare the muscles for repetitive use is essential for the archer.

- Proper use of arm guards and release devices will prevent “String Slap” and other potential injuries.
- Gradual increases in draw weight and repetitions during practice will ensure that the body is ready for the next step without shocking the muscles, helping to prevent strains.
- A good strengthening program for the upper body will prepare the muscles for the repetitive strain of drawing back the string and holding the position.
- Flexibility is essential to aid in recovery and keeps the muscles ready each time they are called into play. A good overall stretch routine will also help prevent imbalances caused by constantly pulling the same way. [...]

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