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Do stabilizers help on bows?

Yup, it matters. With my bow stabilizer balanced - I can pick my bow up and immediately be at level without having to look. I'm also told they can help with sight wobble / shakiness -- but I've not had an issue with that to speak of...

It's worth it for me, though, just to have my shot level without having to focus on that and make any kind of effort to correct it. That may not make the shot better, because I could manually correct it, but it's one less factor to have to deal with and it makes the shot faster to make.

Once you shoot a bow that is balanced out with a rear bar and front stab you will be able to answer the question easily. Just get a 12 inch front and a 10 inch rear and put 12 or so ounces on the rear and 6 or so up front and then tweak the weight until you get a balanced setup that also shrinks your float pattern and there you go a hunting bow that has a full set of stabs on it.

If you are hunting on private land and ride a four wheeler to your stand or some type of low impact hunting this is a nice set up. If you are traversing the mountains in Colorado looking for elk I probably wouldn't want all the weight on my bow.

Credit: ArcheryTalk.com

Video Credit: Hoyt Archery, Title: Choosing a stabilizer for your hunting bow.
Check them out at https://youtu.be/yKpphbCnOUU

Do you really need a stabilizer for your bow? - Lancaster Archery Supply
"Stabilizers perform a variety of functions. They absorb vibrations in the bow at the shot, which reduces the shock felt in your hand on the bow grip, and makes the bow quieter. They help keep the bow balanced, by adding weight below the grip."

Bow Stabilizer for Hunting Bow | Outdoor Life
"Many of my target sessions were in crosswinds blowing in excess of 30 mph. In stiff winds, I always shot more accurately with a stabilizer, and my accuracy in wind was directly proportional to distance.

Stabilizers had the most effect on accuracy and noise reduction on my 3.5-pound Mathews Heli-M and the least effect on my 4.5-pound Prime Impact. In between was the 4.3-pound Bowtech.

There was no statistically significant difference in accuracy between stabilized and unstabilized bows inside 40 yards. From 40 to 60 yards, stabilized bows shot 10 percent more accurately than unstabilized bows.

That final conclusion is important. Accuracy is improved by a stabilizer, and if you’re hunting from a tree-stand or a ground blind, or in a situation where weight isn’t a consideration, you should use a stabilizer to maximize your accuracy. But in highly mobile hunting situations, where weight can mean the difference between getting on game or not, then a stabilizer can be considered elective."

Bow Stabilizers – Do They Really Work? And Are They Necessary for ...
Hunters that have a 4-inch rubber “stabilizer” on their bow do not have a ... How will the stabilizer help my shooting at 25, 45, and 65 yards? ...

"The results speak for themselves. If accuracy at longer distances – say, beyond 30 yards – is an important factor for you, then a stabilizer is worth the weight. (A recent test by Field & Stream came to the same conclusion.)

The hunters that are most critical of an item’s weight are those that hunt the mountains of the West – and ironically, these are also the hunters that typically take longer shots, where a hunting stabilizer has the most merit. Treestand hunters – who aren’t as particular about weight, and typically take short shots – can be less critical in their choice of stabilizers.

It’s also worth noting that there’s no one “magic number” when it comes to the length and weight of a stabilizer. All bow models balance differently, and all bowhunters have different preferences, so getting the “right” stabilizer takes some experimenting."

Stabilizers 101 - Everything you need to know about Archery and Bow ...
"If you are still on the fence about whether or not you need a stabilizer, remember that pro and staff shooters who hit quarters at 80 yards use a stabilizer when they bowhunt, simply because it makes sense! As long as bows make noise, whitetails will jump strings. And, as long as whitetails jump strings, we should always be searching for a quieter, more accurate bow. One proven way to do that is by adding a high quality stabilizer."

Improving Archery Accuracy: Try A Longer Stabilizer | Wired To Hunt
"A stabilizer inherently should do three things. Number one, it should help minimize vibration. Secondly, it should dampen the sound of the bow and make for a quieter shot. Third, it should add weight out in front of your bow, resulting in a steadier bow."

Stabilizer Purpose and Performance Explained | Bowhunting.com
"Once you understand the different styles of stabilizers and their purposes, head to a reputable archery pro shop and ask to test out several stabilizers on your bow in their range. When you find the right one, you’ll know it. It will balance your bow better than any other, and it will just feel like it’s meant to be, unless you’ve never shot with a stabilizer before. In that case, it will take some getting used to, but in the end, when you choose a stabilizer that is designed to do what you want it to, you’ll shrink your groups and improve your confidence."

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