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Why is target archery so expensive?

Why is target archery so expensive?

Not many people get into target archery. In fact, there are so many individuals who would love to join the sport but just can’t afford it. When you consider all that target archery demands; from the equipment to the lessons and range sessions, you will realize that immersing yourself fully into this amazing sport can cost you an arm and a leg. This is also the reason why it is a niche sport that only a handful of people participate in. So why is target archery so expensive?

If you are planning to join target archery, the first things you must have are the accessories. And while you might not need to buy all the equipment that a professional archer would have, the following are the basic gear you must start with:

• Archery Bow- Top of the range pro tournament bows will cost you $1500 to $2000, some prices go even higher. But remember you are just starting out, so you don’t need to go for the best bows in the market. The low-level bows have a price tag of about $150 to $200 but you can find great intermediate bows selling for $500 to $700. This should be good to get you started.

• Arrows- Arrows are another accessory that you must have. You essentially need to have arrows for the bow to be useful. The thing about arrows is that you can’t just purchase one, most sports stores will sell you arrows in packs of 6 or more. It’s always wise to buy the arrows when you are getting the bow so that the shop attendant can help you find the right fit. A decent pack with 12pcs of arrows can start anywhere from $30 to $100.

• Bow stringer- A bow stringer is something you are going to need in your archer’s kit. This is because it allows you to securely and consistently string the bow. And given that you are in the preliminary stages of the sport, you will need a stringer to assist you to safely bend the recurve bow and slip the string over the arrow tips. This essential equipment will cost you around $10 to $20.

• Release aid- One of the most common problems for any archer is target panic. Learning to overcome this challenge will be the foundation for you to become a good bowman. One great way to solve this issue is with the help of release aids. So, if you are serious about pursuing the sport to higher levels, release aids are definitely a must-have for you. Good quality release aids will cost you $15 to $20, and you might need more than just one for the sake of convenience.

Remember these are just some of the basic accessories you will require when getting started on target archery. However, there are numerous other devices such as quivers, rests, stabilizers, sights, etc that will become necessary over time as you get acquainted with the sport. The important thing to note is that these will all cost you money!

Archery Lessons

You will want to take regular archery lessons if you are just starting out. Private lessons are more preferable because you get total attention from the instructor and your training can be personalized to suit you. Meanwhile, group lessons become necessary if you have budget constraints but there is a compromise on the quality of lessons you get. Most archery lessons are charged on the hour. The average cost of a 60-minute archery lesson will be about $60. But this cost will vary depending on the type of instructor you are getting and the location you are in. Generally, expect to cough out anything between $40 and $90 for a one-hour session. If you are looking for a good experience, I suggest a 60-minute lesson. This is ample time to grasp any technique that is being taught. Depending on the amount of time you have on your hands and your financial situation, you’ll be able to decide on the length of lessons you want to take.

Archery Range Prices

If you are going to get into archery, you must teach yourself how to aim and shoot an arrow. The same way people go to a gun range to practice shooting their firearms, archers also practice at an archery range. The problem with archery is that not many shoot arrows as it is the case with guns. This means you might have to do a lot of searching in your area code before coming across an archery range. Nevertheless, you’ll realize that fees charged for indoor public archery ranges may vary widely depending on your location. Generally, you can find ranges that charge patrons around $8 to $10 an hour. This would ideally be a single party indoor range and should be an excellent choice for learning the basics and getting yourself used to the bow.

The only problem is that the target options available to clients are limited supply. This may not be what you want to hear when you start getting the gist of the sport and intend to challenge yourself more. For you to improve, you’ll need further targets and a private, indoor archery range will not offer you this. Eventually, you’ll want to find a better facility. Fortunately, there are dedicated archery ranges with better target options. These have more serious clients so you’ll be in good for someone looking to improve their skill level. But be prepared to pay more! A dedicated shooting range will charge you $10 to $15 an hour and you can get experts to guide you through the session. Keep in mind that some ranges may have wait lists and some will provide equipment that you can rent. This is a great opportunity to test different bows and find something comfortable for you before eventually making a personal purchase.

It is important to note that the archery business is in a niche market, so accessories like bows and arrows will normally be priced higher than it is fair. Most of these products are given a premium price that may sometimes be downright ridiculous. Nonetheless, the cost should not stop you from pursuing the sport if you’ve developed a deep interest in it. Remember that you can always get started with whatever budget you have and upgrade over time.

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