What is a Fletching Jig (tool)?

What are archery Limb Dampeners? (LimbSaver)

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Reduces Noise and extends the life of your bow limbs. ... The new Monsterjax uses 6 arms that vibrate at different frequencies to dampen the vibration and contact the limb of a bow.
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What is a LimbSaver for a bow?
Engineered to reduce up to 70% of vibration at wide frequency levels, the Broadband bowhunting limb dampener from LimbSaver provides excellent vibration and noise control that's vital for stealth and accuracy. This model is for use with split limb compound bows. LimbSaver Broadband Dampener for Split Limb Compound Bows

Why use a stabilizer on a compound bow?
Stabilizers perform a variety of functions. They absorb vibrations in the bow at the shot, which reduces the shock felt in your hand on the bow grip, and makes the bow quieter. They help keep the bow balanced, by adding weight below the grip.
Do you really need a stabilizer for your bow? - Lancaster Archery ...

Limbsaver Broadband Dampeners

Best Archery Supplies

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