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What does brace height mean on a bow?

What does brace height mean on a bow?
Brace height is the distance from the bowstring to the rear end of the bow’s handle. This distance can significantly influence the speed of the arrow when you shoot. When the brace height is shorter, the arrow tends to travel faster. If we are to look at it from a physics point of view, energy is defined as force multiplied by distance. A shorter brace height means that you are creating more distance between the handle and the draw, resulting in more energy. Most archers deem a brace height of around seven inches to be the ideal distance. Any distance shorter than this is difficult to control while anything longer sacrifices power.

How can I reduce my brace height?
The more twists you add at the tip of the string, the more “flexed” it becomes, hence pulling the limb tips slightly away from the riser and increasing brace height. Similarly, if you want to decrease the brace height, you will reduce the number of twists on the string.
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Does brace height affect draw weight?
Brace height is the distance between the string and the deepest part of the bow grip. ... Generally speaking, a shorter brace height helps a bow generate more arrow speed. Let’s say you took two bows set at 70 pounds, with a 29-inch draw length, and one has a 6-inch brace height and the other 7 inches. If you shot the same arrow from both bows, the bow with the 6-inch brace height should shoot the arrow faster than the other.
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