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What equipment do you need for archery?


So you’ve just discovered your new found love for target archery and already making plans to start taking archery lessons. But you’re wondering what equipment would be necessary to get you started. Well, there are various pieces of equipment that a target archer uses, although, for a newbie, just a few basic archery gear will be sufficient to get you started in archery. Let's consider the fundamental archery equipment that you can’t afford to miss.

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Basic Archery Equipment for Adults

A bow is the first thing you should acquire when thinking of joining target archery and these come in a variety of lengths. Generally, the ideal size would be within 2 inches of your height but it’s also possible for the bow to slightly exceed your height. For just $100 you can get yourself a nice recurve bow which is easy to set up and maintain.

Arrows are the second essential gear to have and these are usually made of carbon, aluminum or wood. To get the best arrows, you must know your draw length and weight to make sure that you buy the proper shafts. While some archery pros get their arrows custom-build, you only need to visit a local archery store to guarantee that you get the right fit for you as a starter.

You must wear an arm-guard to keep the bowstring from bruising your bow arm as it speeds past when you shoot. Remember that you are just starting out so you don’t want the experience to be painful. You can get one for under $10 at Amazon.

A quiver is a pouch that holds the archer's arrows. Normally, you’ll need more than just one arrow when shooting in the archery range or outside and these are easily accessed from a quiver. You can get a side quiver which is worn around the waist or a ground quiver which holds the arrows next to the archer.

A target is needed for personal practice if you are not going to an archery range. This usually consists of three parts; a target face made of reinforced paper, a boss to safely stop the arrows, and a stand to hold the target face and boss in place.

Finger tab
A finger tab is a device that protects the fingers that you use to draw the string. For a comfortable fit, you need to secure the tabs over your fingers. Some models are adjustable depending on the size of your hand.

If you feel like you’ve really caught the bug and are eager to learn as much as possible about archery, there are numerous archery sites and YouTube videos offering beginner guides that you can learn from. However, the best thing to do would be to look for an archery range near you where you can get the best guidance. Generally, you’ll be able to access local ranges that charge around $10-20 an hour. It would also be very wise if you found a personal coach to introduce you to the basics and set the right foundation. For starters, you can choose to enroll in a 60-minute tutorial every day and see how it goes from there.Good luck.

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